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Sustainability Highlights


"Light bulbs, office recycling and environmentally safe paint.  One step at a time and soon you have arrived."


The learning process is half the battle.  AEP working together with the CAFAM made concrete changes to the museum and the arts working space in the building.  Water savings from aerators made noticable dents in the bills. Green cleaning products improved the indoor air quality. 


CAFM int

"We learned so much in the process of becoming certified.  Knowing how to become environmentally responsible is extremely motivating.." -Suzzane Isken, Executive Director

AEP Certified Facility

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“The people at Arts Earth Partnership understand the cultural sector and have been invaluable in helping to chart a course of cost savings and sustainability at all of our cultural facilities, even in these difficult economic times. I encourage all municipalities and arts organizations to get involved.” Olga Garay, LA DCA Director 2007-2014
“We learned so much from AEP in the process of becoming certified. Knowing how to become environmentally responsible is extremely motivating.” Suzzane Isken, Executive Director, Craft and Folk Art Museum
“AEP has been an indispensable partner to the Historic Lankershim Arts Center. The certification process revealed wasteful tendencies we were not even aware of. Many of the changes required to qualify for the partnership were quite easy to make. Thanks to AEP, we are now on a path to a sustainable future.” Joe Calarco, Managing Director, Lankershim Arts Center

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