The Groundlings Theatre Spotlight

By becoming AEP Green Certified, The Groundlings Theatre is not only improving their workplace for their staff, company and students, but they are also demonstrating that they understand the power of the arts to drive meaningful change in the community.

AEP recently spoke with The Groundlings Managing Director Heather de Michele to understand what being an Arts Earth Partnership Green Certified Theatre means to them. 

AEP: Why did the Groundlings Theatre WANT to go green?

HDM:  We can't do business if there's no planet to do business on so we want to make the best choices possible to protect our environment.  Also, as a non-profit, we are always looking at smart ways to lower our operating costs; longevity is the game plan.   

AEP: What did you like about the AEP Certification process?

​HDM: The AEP team is very personal and approachable.  They, quite literally, hold your hand all the way through the process and when you start to get lazy they give you that perfect friendly nudge to get back to it.  

AEP: What was the easiest measure to accomplish that yielded the most results?

​HDM: The LED lighting has made a huge difference top our monthly bills.

AEP: What are you excited to do/share now that the the Groundlings is an AEP Green Certified Facility?

HDM: We are excited to further our commitment by making greener choices anywhere and everywhere we can.  We are preparing to open a new training facility in late 2015 and are already with the design team to ensure a green space, top to bottom.​

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“The people at Arts Earth Partnership understand the cultural sector and have been invaluable in helping to chart a course of cost savings and sustainability at all of our cultural facilities, even in these difficult economic times. I encourage all municipalities and arts organizations to get involved.” Olga Garay, LA DCA Director 2007-2014
“We learned so much from AEP in the process of becoming certified. Knowing how to become environmentally responsible is extremely motivating.” Suzzane Isken, Executive Director, Craft and Folk Art Museum
“AEP has been an indispensable partner to the Historic Lankershim Arts Center. The certification process revealed wasteful tendencies we were not even aware of. Many of the changes required to qualify for the partnership were quite easy to make. Thanks to AEP, we are now on a path to a sustainable future.” Joe Calarco, Managing Director, Lankershim Arts Center

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