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The Arts Earth Partnership (AEP) is an environmental sustainable certification program and dynamic materials resource exchange specifically developed for the creative sector. Endorsed by the cities of Los Angeles and Santa Monica, the Cultural Affairs Departments of both have pledged resources and incentives to assist member organizations. In addition, Los Angeles has pledged to have all of its city-owned cultural facilities certified as AEP members, leading the creative sector toward environmental sustainability and potentially influencing millions of audiences and visitors to embrace greener lifestyles.  Both cities are integrating AEP's certification process into their own "official" city green business programs.


AEP was founded by Joel Shapiro, M.D., Founder and Artistic Director of the Electric Lodge and Justin Yoffe, Electric Lodge Board President. The Electric Lodge is one of the first "solar-powered" performing arts facilities in the United States with roughly 30% of its energy powered by the sun and the remaining 70% purchased in the form of wind power from LA DWP's "Green Power" Program.


  • Justin Yoffe - Executive Director
  • Elektra Grant - Sustainability Assessments Manager
  • Arpy Kasparian - Assessor

Board of Directors

The AEP Board is comprised of individuals whose passion for the arts and the environment is inspiring. They share our sense of urgency about the need to implement sustainable practices in every aspect of our lives from business to play. They share in the excitement surrounding the fusion of the arts and the environment through the Arts Earth Partnership and by being an integral part of this groundbreaking collective. We turn to them individually and regularly as a body to seek their advice and direction.


    At the heart of Arts Earth Partnership is our team of assessors. These are the people who are out in the field, traveling to each and every facility to begin the dialogue with you about sustainable practices. On the first visit they ask you about your current practices and then by using our certification requirements as a guide, create a custom sustainability plan to fit your capacity while still meeting our minimum standards. Once you've completed all the required measures for certification, the assessor will return to approve your new practices and give you the official AEP certificate and materials.

    Each assessor has been trained on AEP practices and standards and will be able to answer your questions or direct you to answers from a trusted resource.

    Founding Partners

    • Department of Cultural Affairs - City of Los Angeles
    • LA Stage Alliance

    Official Partnerships

    • LA 11th Council District
    • LA Department of Public Works
    • LA Bureau of Sanitation
    • LA County Arts Commision
    • Santa Monica Office of Sustainability
    Get Certified
    “The people at Arts Earth Partnership understand the cultural sector and have been invaluable in helping to chart a course of cost savings and sustainability at all of our cultural facilities, even in these difficult economic times. I encourage all municipalities and arts organizations to get involved.” Olga Garay, LA DCA Director 2007-2014
    “We learned so much from AEP in the process of becoming certified. Knowing how to become environmentally responsible is extremely motivating.” Suzzane Isken, Executive Director, Craft and Folk Art Museum
    “AEP has been an indispensable partner to the Historic Lankershim Arts Center. The certification process revealed wasteful tendencies we were not even aware of. Many of the changes required to qualify for the partnership were quite easy to make. Thanks to AEP, we are now on a path to a sustainable future.” Joe Calarco, Managing Director, Lankershim Arts Center

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